Creative Mailbox

I thought I would add a little more activity to this blog by posting links to creative websites, ad campaigns, objects, etc. that I encounter.

To begin this trend, I would like to introduce the new mailbox my husband created for the house.

Mailbox2 Mailbox3
This mailbox is creative in several ways.

  1. It is not like any other mailbox in our neighborhood (or maybe even unlike any other mailbox in our town)
  2. It is artistic as well as functional
  3. It was designed so that it fit the constraints imposed by the city for mailboxes as well as minimizing possible damage to a vehicle running into the solid steel construction.

This last was accomplished through clever use of shear pins on a cylindrical base connected to a wheel hub with intact wheel bearings. This design feature was incorporated into the structure to make sure that no matter the trajectory of the vehicle making contact with the mailbox, it would spin in such a way that the shear pin would give upon contact.

For more artistic and design innovations visit

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